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Vendors Form

We are seeking food vendor applications for the event. Use of an approx. 30' X 30' space to accommodate your food trailer. We hope you'll serve BBQ as part of your menu, but all types of food vendors will be welcomed.  The event will be limited to four food vendors and the cost is $350, so apply early and plan a diverse menu! You will need a current health permit/insurance. 

Non Food Vendors are welcomed also!  Cost is $50 per 10x10 booth. Crafters, Artists, MLM sales, BBQ accessories, and more are a great fit for our event! *All Craft/Table Vendors: Spaces are 10x10,  you will need to bring your own tables, chairs and canopy, etc. Electricity is not provided but you may bring a quiet generator. (No food or drink items can be sold in the street vendor section. Only as a food vendor.)

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